iPhonography Equipment Upgrades

A Casual Walk Along Calgary’s River Pathway.

The 4K video is a montage of Videos and Stills. All taken with the iPhone SE and in many cases the Wide Angle or 10X Macro OlloClip.

A simple enough title… But what equipment was upgraded ?  …honestly it’d be more accurate to call it a Blessing.

For years I’ve had, used and thoroughly enjoyed my iPhone 4.  In recent weeks and days though I’ve been blessed and able to leap up to the iPhone SE and an OlloClip system which gives me a whole whack of new options I can do for photos, videos and projects.

As always… I’m learning as I go but now I can do it in 4K, Slo-Mo or even Timelapse …combine those options with Macro, Wide_Angle, Fisheye (and in the future zoom lenses ) and I have a complete set of photo and video gear in my pocket…Couple all that with a tripod and well… 🤓😎🔬📽📹📷

One really cool thing about the iPhone SE (for me anyways) is that it’s in the body of an iPhone 5/5s …some accessories cost less because of this.  I’m guessing partly because their packaging doesn’t say iPhone SE but only iPhone 5/5S.

This little post is just my excitement about the iphonography upgrade… it’s not even getting into the Touch ID or Apple Pay amongst other things.

All of that said… Below are some Pics and Clips of what I’ve been able to do with my iPhone SE and in many cases OlloClip.   Yes… Some of these may already posted on social media.

OlloClip Wide Angle
Maui Jim Polarizing Lens /aka my shades
15X OlloClip Macro
15X OlloClip Macro
15X OlloClip Macro
15X OlloClip Macro
15X OlloClip Macro
Accidental Prism 15X Macro and BluRay
OlloClip MicroFibre Case 15X Macro
15X OlloClip Macro ?
10X OlloClip Macro?
10X OlloClip Macro Backyard “weed”
15X OlloClip Macro… backyard “weed”
Pink Salt no Lens
15X OlloClip Macro of Pink Salt ( and Pepper?)
15X OlloClip Macro
10X OlloClip Macro
Plain Pansy…Macro Free
Star Saphire 10X OlloClip MacroLens (possibly 15X)

All the media in this post was taken by me on this iPhone SE over the course of a day.  Simply because I thought these things looked… Cool.


All of this said… you may find my newer posts featured more on my Google+ Page, simply due to some size constraints here.