Final Seconds of Coffee Brewing

Title pretty much sums it up; those beautiful seconds where the brewed coffee is sucked back down into the carafe of my Bodum Santos/Pebo Siphon Pot.

Definetely not the fastest way to brew but still fun (for me anyways).

For you coffee… sno… er… purists:

I measured the filtered water (Zero Water) out to 36 oz and the grounds (not freshly ground😒) to about 50g.   Let it dwell for approx 4 min. (Did it for less time before and it wasn’t strong enough)

I’m still undecided if I like adding the coffee grounds before the water starts rising or after.

Did I mention this was a $5 impulse buy at MCC Thrift Shop?  😇😲☕️☕️☕️